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This short film was made as part of the Youth Music Initiative and in partnership with Slateroom Studios and Drake Music Scotland.  The film follows Paul as he composes, arranges and records his own piece of music with some other musicians.  Paul uses music as his main form of communication throughout the process and hopefully this will inspire others to create, in whatever form that may take.

My Tweed Valley - The Musicians

One of the short promotional films I created for Visit Tweed Valley.  This is the first of four films that also look at the Artist, the Conservationist, and the Restauranteur.  

Twelfth Day - Young Sir

The most recent music video for Twelfth Day.  This time for thier own song Young Sir from their 2014 album The Devil Makes Three.

I Wanna Be A Rockstar

A short documentary following Antonyon a musical exploration of inclusion. It follows him and a group of young musicains coming together and performing a piece of music that was written with them, for them and for the new instruments that they are pioneering.

Twelfth Day - Street Lights

The first of the music videos that I created for folk duo Twelfth Day.  This was for their cover of Kanye West's song.

Tribal Pulse presents Dave Seaman

Another of Glasgow's ace club nights, Tribal Pulse.  This was shot when Dave Seaman came to town.


A wee film about balls.  Juggling balls.  And how good Sam Williams is.  Trying to do something a bit different with the intro, bring a bit of narrative into it.

Clouds Harp Quartet - High Tide

A video for the Clouds Harp Quartet shot at various venues during the Scottish dates of their recent tour.  Four Harps is quite an image by itself but put them in a cathedral and it becomes pretty special.


Thanks to St. Gile's Cathedral, The Eastgate Theatre and Canongate Kirk for the locations.

The NESS Project - Introduction

One of a series of seven films that I made with Edinburgh University's Acoustics and Audio department with the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre looking at new methods of sound synthesis that they had been developing.

Foukou Barbecues

A promotional video that edited for Foukou Barbecues' catering business.   I also updated their motion graphics and logo.

Random Scenes of Creativity

This is the film that accompanied Peebles' application for the Creative Place Awards.  They only went and won it as well!

Driller - No Tomorrow

Music video for the Edinburgh based rock band Driller.  

Luska presents Joran Van Pol

A short promo film for the Glasgow based club night Luska.  Filmed when they hosted Joran Van Pol at hallowe'en.

Mike Brown - Swing Time

The marvellous moving picture for Mike Brown's latest composition, Swing Time.  This was shot at half tempo and then sped up to give it that old film feel.

Mike Brown - Fall of the Leaf

The first video that I made with Mike Brown.  It was an incredible few days and we really have the sun to thank for this one.  And Mike's incredible guitar playing obviously.

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