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Everyone who works in this industry says that they have always loved films.  Ever since they were small they have loved doing whatever it is that they do.  Me, I love people.  And I love their stories.  I love what you can say with one look.  What you can say with one hand gesture or the way someone stands.  For me it is these little details that truly bring a film to life and that is what I love.


At university I studied animation, both drawn and digital, and this has provided an excellent foundation for all aspects of film making.  From there I have built upon my technical knowledge without losing my creative flair.  Life drawing, portraits and illustration have also always fascinated me.  That, I think, comes back to the study of people and what makes them interesting, intriguing and allows others to empathise with them.


In terms of film work everything excites me.  I love the opportunity to do things that I have never done before.  In every project in which I am involved I try and push the boundaries of what I have done before; try to make every film a step up from the one before.  


If you have a project then let me know.  All films are fascinating to me and all projects have potential.


Looking forward to hearing from you! 

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